Warranty Policy

All units overhauled or exchanged by S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc. are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship for a period of 100 hours or 1 year, whichever occurs first. The sole obligation of S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc. hereunder is to repair or replace, at its option any component which is defective due to workmanship. S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc. shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages including loss of income, loss of time, or other economic damages. S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc. reserves the right to deny warranty to any unit which, in its opinion, is faulty due to neglect, misuse by or on behalf of the customer or end user, or any unit which has been repaired or otherwise altered without the express written consent of S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc. To be considered for warranty all units must be shipped, freight prepaid, to S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc. in New Braunfels, Texas, USA accompanied by the original maintenance release and documented time in service. No warranty will be granted for units that are repaired and/or functional tested.


Core Return Policy

An applicable core is to be returned within 30 days from the shipment date of the exchange unit. Core returns must be identical and equivalent, in terms of manufacture and part number, to the unit provided by us and must be in repairable condition as applicable. For cores that were subject to abnormal wear or damages or are beyond economical repair, additional charges will apply. If an acceptable core is not returned within 30 days, the outright sale price will be billed.


​Credit Card Handling Policy


Policy Statement

S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc. hereafter referred to as S & T Aircraft, must protect cardholder information for any individual or entity that utilizes a credit card or banking information to transact business with S & T Aircraft. This policy is intended to be used in conjunction with the complete PCI-DSS requirements as established by the PCI Security Standards Council.


Credit card transactions have become the preferred method for making payments to S & T Aircraft. Every business that accepts credit and debit card payments is required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI‐DSS). Additionally, S & T Aircraft’s reputation would be seriously damaged by the exposure of credit or debit card numbers. To comply with the PCI‐DSS, employees who work directly with credit card processing and documentation are required to review and sign this policy on an annual basis.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to any individual or business with responsibilities for managing credit card transactions and to those employees entrusted with handling credit cards, credit card information and banking information.


  • Access is authorized only for personnel who are responsible for processing or facilitating credit card transactions.
  • Only authorized personnel may process credit card transactions or have access to documentation related to credit card transactions.
  • A copy of this policy must be read and signed by authorized personnel on initial employment and annually thereafter.

Telephone Payments

  • When recording credit card information for processing, only cardholder name, account number and expiration date may be recorded. The three-digit security code (CVV2) can be recorded for initial authorization but the record must be shredded after authorization has been received.
  • Store transaction documentation and merchant receipt in a secure (locked) area.

Fax Payments

  • Collection of credit card information using an electronic fax machine is discouraged, but permitted. The fax machine should be a non-networked machine hooked up only via a phone line and accessible only to department staff. No credit card information should be received through multi-purpose machine such as a copier/scanner/printer/fax machines.

Card Present Transactions

  • Picture ID is required if the card is not signed. Provide receipt to customer.
  • Store transaction documentation and merchant receipt in a secure (locked) area.

Receipt of Credit Card Information by Email

  • Under no circumstances will credit card numbers received in email be processed.
  • The recipient of the credit card number will respond to the sender with a standard template advising that the transaction cannot be processed and offering an acceptable method for transmitting card information. Credit card numbers will be deleted from the response.

Retention and Destruction of Cardholder Data

  • Cardholder data should be retained in a secure location only as long as is necessary for business purposes. It is not permissible to store the three‐digit security code (CVV2).
  • Cardholder data will be destroyed when no longer needed. Paper will either be shredded using a cross cut shredding device, incinerated or pulped. Electronic files will be destroyed in a manner appropriate to the media on which they are stored.