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In the fast paced world of aviation, an aircraft on the ground has the potential to loose big money, especially when it’s down for maintenance. That’s why S & T Aircraft is proud to offer accessory and component exchange services, in an effort to reduce your down time.


Exchange parts are new overhauled units that are stocked at our repair station that can be shipped same day, and nearly anywhere in the world. Our exchange process is very simple and straightforward. You reach out to us and order the required exchange accessory and we’ll ship the part directly to you. From there, we provide 30 days for you to remove the bad component, install the new component and return the old component. After we receive your core unit, it enters our overhaul process, where it will be put back into stock for the next exchange request. It’s that simple.

Typically most repair stations charge you the outright cost of the unit when you order an exchange part, then they refund you a portion of the cost when they get your bad unit back. Here at S & T Aircraft, we don’t do that. We believe you deserve to know exactly what you’re being charged for. That’s why our exchange cost is our overhaul cost. We charge you for the cost of the overhaul when we send the unit to you, then when we receive your unit back we inspect it and we only charge for any parts that are above the cost of a normal overhaul. We would much rather receive your core unit than take your money, so we may continue to provide our exchange services for years to come. We only charge the full outright cost if we never receive the core back from you.

At times, and especially during the Ag season, it can become difficult to keep stock on our shelves for exchange. When you need a part fast and we don’t have it, we fortunately have other options to get you back in the air quickly. S & T Aircraft has a network of vendors who resell our parts that we can refer you to, and as a last resort we can offer you a rapid repair service where we can get you back in the air as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to keep you flying.

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