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Jet Engine Repair
Parts on Aircraft

All too often, you encounter a particular issue with your component that can be accomplished through a simple repair. Depending upon the issue and the accessory needing the work, a repair can allow you to receive your part back in less time than an overhaul would take. While not all components allow for a repair and must be overhauled, most parts allow for repairs. Because of this, S & T Aircraft offers repair services to our customers and we never attempt to up sell you on an overhaul when a repair will resolve your issue.


Our repair process is very similar, but does vary slightly from our overhaul process. Accessory repairs are carried out within our repair station and, can be shipped directly to you, nearly anywhere in the world. When we receive your components, they immediately go through a preliminary shipping damage inspection, so that any damages can be assessed. We will immediately contact you with any damages due to shipping so that you may file an insurance claim with the shipping company.

Then depending on whether your component is electrical, mechanical or hydraulic, one of three things will happen. Fluid operated components go into our teardown department to have their fluid flushed out of them so that we can keep any potential contaminants out of our test equipment. Electrical components will get a preliminary inspection prior to testing to identify any bad parts. Mechanical components can be immediately tested and checked for any issues.

From there, we perform an initial test on the component to verify the customers request and to identify the cause of the issues experience and if there may be any additional problems. After a preliminary test, the accessories then make their way out to the shop floor where the repair is accomplished. From there your unit is reassembled, tested and shipped back to you.

When repairing a component, it’s important that the following points are addressed:

  • Description of the reasons for failure or loss of performance
  • Quote for materials and labor
  • Recommendations for operational changes
  • Recommendations for changes in maintenance procedures
  • Advise of the best measures to take to avoid premature repairs in the future

At S & T Aircraft, our goal is to provide our customer the maximum value from the repair process, so you may expect measurable improvements in your equipment’s performance when it is returned to service.

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