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Parts Inspection
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Aircraft components represent a significant investment to any air operators budget. S & T Aircraft’s accessory overhaul services provide our customers with the assurance that when their components are returned to service, they receive the maximum value from the overhaul process without compromising safety. Operators in the industry realize that component efficiency is key in the challenges of minimizing costs while meeting maintenance, safety and productivity targets. As accessory requirements change, S & T Aircraft offers cost-effective overhaul services with the highest commitment to safety and performance, so you can be confident your parts will perform as expected.


Accessory overhauls are carried out within our repair station and, can be shipped directly to you, nearly anywhere in the world. When we receive your components, they immediately go through a preliminary shipping damage inspection, so that any damages can be assessed. We will immediately contact you with any damages due to shipping so that you may file an insurance claim with the shipping company.

Your parts then go into our teardown department, to be completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. They then make their way out to the main shop floor where a careful inspection is completed. If the inspection determines any parts need to be replaced that are not normally included in an overhaul, we will contact you with a quote for those parts. From there your unit is reassembled, tested and shipped back to you.

When overhauling a component, it’s important that the following points are addressed:

  • Overall unit condition
  • Detailed examination of all critical parts and their condition
  • List of parts suitable for re-use or repair
  • List of parts to be replaced
  • Estimate of time and cost of work needed
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