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Fuel Pump Bearings

These bearings are installed into PESCO, Air Tractor and Donallco Fuel Pumps installed on various aircraft and engines. Presently the original equipment manufacturer no longer supports these fuel pumps and new bearings are no longer available on the surplus market.

Production Information

Applicable Components: Please refer to the tables below.

Applicable Engines: Please refer to the table below.

Part Numbers Produced: ST-R400-10, ST-R400-61BA, ST-R600-10, ST-R600-87A

Part Numbers Replaced: R400-10, R400-61BA, R600-10, R600-87A

  • FAA Approval Form 8110-3

  • Instructions for Continued Airworthiness

  • Information for MROs

    Reuse of these bearings are permitted in accordance with the manufacturers service manual. The bearings should be inspected to the manufacturers maintenance data prior to reuse. These bearings are only permitted to be reused in the fuel pump that they originally installed in. Bearings produced by S & T Aircraft are identified by the markings “FAA-RS”, “S & T” (matching the font of our logo), “CC2R737K”, and the part number of the bearing) engraved around the outer circumference of the bearings.

Applicable Fuel Pumps

PESCO 2P-M400 Series: 2P-M400-FE, -FG

PESCO 2P-R400 Series: 2P-R400-BLY, -BLYA, -BLYA-M1, – BMB, -BMB-1, -BMD, -BMD-1, -BRB, -BRB-1, -BRD, -BRD-2, -BRD-4, -BRD-5, -BRDC-1

PESCO 2P-M600 Series: 2P-M600-CA, -EA, -H

PESCO2P-R600 Series: 2P-R600-CVC, -CWB, -CWB-1, -CWS, -CWS-1, -CWS-2, -CWT, -CWT-1, -CWT-2, -CWX

Air Tractor 51076 Series: 51076-1, 51076-7

Donallco: FP-300-P

Applicable Aircraft & Engines

Air Tractor: AT-250, AT-300, AT-301, AT-400 Series, AT-401 Series, AT-402 Series, AT-501, AT-502 Series, AT-503 Series, AT-504, AT-602, AT-802 Series

Beechcraft: D17S (UC-43, UC-43B, GB-1, GB-2), 18D, A18A, A18D, S18D, SA18A, SA18D, D18C, D18S, E18S, E18S-9700, G18S, C-45G, TC-45G, C-45H, TC-45H, TC-45J, RC-45J (SNB-5P), UC-45J (SNB-5), JRB-6, 3N, 3NM, 3TM, B18S, 18S

Beechcraft: C18S (C-45, C-45A, C-45F, UC-45B, AT-7, AT-7A, AT-7B, AT-7C, JRB-1JRB-2, JRB-3, JRB-4, SNB-2, SNB-2C)

Continental: R-670-4, -8, -11A; W670-6N, -16, -17, -23, -24

Jacobs: R-755-A1, -A2, -A2M, -A2M1, -B1, -B2, -B2M, -E, -S, -SM; L-4 Series; L-6 Series; R-915-3, -5, -7, -9

Jacobs: L-4 Series, L-6 Series

Jacobs: R-915-3, -5, -7, -9

Lycoming: R-680-E1, -E2, -E3, -E3A (R-680-9), -E3B (R-680-13)

Pratt & Whitney: Wasp Jr. SB, SB-2, SB-3, TIB2, TIB3, B-4, B-5

Pratt & Whitney: R-985-25 (T1B2), -39, -39A, -50 (SB2), -AN- Series

Pratt & Whitney: R-1340-36 (S3H1), -40 (S3H2), -49 (S3H1), -49M1 (S3H1), -51 (S3H1), -51M1 (S1H2), -53 (S1H1-G), -57 (S2H2), -59 (S3H1-G), -61 (S1H1-G), -AN-1 (S3H1), -AN-2 (S3H1-G), S1H2, S1H2-G, S1H4, S1H5-G, S3H2

Pratt & Whitney: R-1830 Series

Pratt & Whitney: R-2000 Series

Pratt & Whitney: R-2800 Series

Pratt & Whitney: PT6A-11, -11A, -11AG, -15AG, -20, -20A, -20B, -20AG, -20AAG, -20BAG, -21, -27, -27AG, -34, -34AG, -45R, -60AG, -65AG, -65B, -67AF, -67AG, -67F, -67R

Ranger: 6-440-C2 (R440-1), -C5 (L-440-2, -3, -5, -7)

Warner: Super Scarab 165, Super Scarab 185

Wright: R-760-2, -4, -8, R-760E-2

Wright: R-975E-3

Wright: R-1820-40, -40C, -45, -50, -52, -53, -56 Series, -60, -62 Series, -65, -66 Series, -70, -70M1, -71, -72 Series, -74, -76 Series, -87, -97, -99, -103 Series

Wright: R-2600-3, -8, -11, -113, -20, -23, -29, -29A, -35

Wright: R-3350-23, -34, -91

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